Bonegilla Identity Card Lookup


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Surname Name Country Year of Birth Ship
(ADRIGAN) DALA Eva Hungarian 1945 SKAUBRYN 6
(AGETTA) AGGETTA Giovanni Italian 1930 Toscana
(ALLUZI) ALUZZI Giovanni Italian 1931 Cyrenia
(AZELICKIS) NORBERTS Estere Latvian 1912 Skaugum
(B) VANHIDY Jozsef. Hungarian 1931 MIFLY 15.107.
(BAIRLE) KWARDA Heinz German 1940 7/seas 2.
(BAIRLE) KWARDA Inge German 1943 7/seas 2.
(BALAZS) BALASZ Denis Hungarian 1913 Fairsea 5
(BALAZS) BALASZ Elise Hungarian 1915 Fairsea 5
(BALAZS) BALASZ Nikolaus Hungarian 1942 Fairsea 5
(BALOGH) LENGELING Roswita Hungarian 1937 Skaugum III
(BANSAGI) SASHALMI Margit Hungarian 1920 Protea 3
(BASSAN) Rosa Yugoslavian 1890 F.Sea 7
(BATARS (TANAVA) Heldur Latvian/Estonian 1939 SKAUGUM IV
(BAY) BRAND Norbert German 1952 7/seas 2.
(BECIC) ZWAJNZ Alois Yugoslavian 1948 SKAUBRYN 3
(BECKMANN) KRUEGER Marion German 1948 C/Felice.
(BEERS) RUINER Huibertje Dutch 1943 7 seas 2
(BELEZO) KALNINS Lotte Latvian 1881 Skaugum III
(Belousow) KLOPOTOWSKA Irene Russian 1940 Nelly 6
(BENDKOWSKI) MEISINGER Gerlinde Polish 1943 AUS 161 / Airl.5
(BERGHAMMER) NEMETH Elfriede Hungarian 1941 LIGURIA
(BERNHARDT) HILLENBRAND Edith Hungarian 1924 Goya II